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Game description: Farm Frenzy 3. Build up your farm as you plant grass and gather eggs and buy new creatures for your farm.
Game controls: This game is played with mouse only.
Game Description: Shoot the incoming minions of hell. Shoot them in the head to save bullets. Don't let them chop you!
Harness the powers of the elements to discover this small dragon’s big strength!
How to Play:Left/Right = MoveDown = DuckA = JumpS = Use Special Power 
Category:Adventure, Collect & Run

Charming School: Charming School games Play Charming School Games at Dress Up Games 8!Charming School Games is a very fun game!
How To Play: click on "Play >>" button to play, make sure your browser allow popup. After you click "Play >>" there is a window popup, have fun...
Ei, você sabia que um jogo friv é constantemente adicionado ao nosso site todos os dias? friv jogos é o lugar para se estar quando é jogos que você está procurando, então continue a ler e apreciar as maravilhas de jogar!Friv 123 está de volta com um jogo muito divertido e interessante lógico, que envolverá as leis da física e vai lhe ajudar em seu processo de pensamento, não importa o que você faz. Este jogo é sobre pensar em frente e trabalhar para fora a melhor solução para cada nível, porque cada vez que você iniciar um novo nível, haverá um outro desafio lá, esperando por você.Seu propósito é jogar lagartos nos blocos que estão na frente de você. Estes blocos estão sentados em vários tipos de lugares e eles também têm propriedades diferentes. Por exemplo, a maioria deles só vai ser jogado para fora do caminho que você lançar o seu lagartos, mas alguns deles podem explodir, outros flutuam e outros fazem um monte de coisas malucas que você normalmente não seria de esperar.
Os blocos que você joga fora as plataformas são usadas para alimentar um monte de monstros engraçado olhar, o que obviamente se traduz em pontos. Quanto melhor alimentados os monstros, maior sua classificação entre os seus colegas jogadores.
É claro que o objetivo do jogo é ganhar tantos pontos quanto possível, por isso, para fazer isso, você terá que pensar a sua estratégia à frente, porque você tem um número limitado de lançamentos para cada nível, que é 3, eo menos os lances, quanto maior a pontuação você terá no final de cada nível.
A grande coisa sobre este jogo é que você é, basicamente, só competindo com você mesmo, porque você sempre pode voltar a cada nível que você já jogou e tentar marcar o mais alto possível, a fim de continuar a melhorar a sua pontuação.
Uma vez que você considerá-lo deram o seu melhor tiro, você pode avançar para o próximo nível e até no ranking. Assim, sempre que você está entediado, você sempre pode começar a jogar este divertido friv jogos e voltar na pista divertida.
Espero que você tinha um bom tempo e sempre lembrar que você pode encontrar praticamente qualquer tipo de jogo que você pode pensar apenas no friv jogos.
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Description: Blast the mushrooms out of your kingdom! Great physics game with 32 levels to complete and a level editor so you can make your own!
Instructions: Place bombs on the screen using your mouse. Hit space to blow those bombs up! Category: Puzzle Games

Arrow Keys - Move.
D - Attack.
S - Depend.
J / Spacebar - Jump.

Desrciption: Play Free Online New Year Night Games at
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Arrow keys to move.
A to shoot.
S to jump.
D to throw bomb.

Game description: Well look at truth: one of những beer babes in a very short dress is running over the football field! Keep her out of the hands of the outraged soccer fans, keep evading them for as long as you can.
How to play: Use the arrow keys to run over the field.
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Operation Grid A:
A Bejeweled like game with new chain system, 2 modes. Move quickly or fail. There are 2 modes, Normal mode for beginners and Master mode for masters. Click or drag to swap. 3 to clean up. Clean up the same color as the dropped ones to earn chains. Move quickly, time is passing. Challenge the high levels and high scores!

Rolypoly mustdie Description : The alternative version of the old Russian fairy tale. A small but fun arcade game.Kill 4 evil bosses. Find unique tactics for each of them. It's easy and fun! (If seem difficult, watch the video guide)
Instructions : Original story->Once there lived an old man and old woman. The old man said, "Old woman, bake me a bun." "What can I make it from? I have no flour." "Eh, eh, old woman! Scrape the cupboard, sweep the flour bin, and you will find enough flour.

Description : NO PASSWORDS!!
1. The new jobs are added a variety of attacks Juggernaut
2. Down with the monster will get the gold, the higher the difficulty will be more than gold, as well as colorless crystals show put skills to use, colorless crystal used, the latter can not use the big skills.
3. an increase of three weapons
4. In addition, the purchase of new equipment system
Control : Arrow keys to control movement, X button to a normal attack, C key jump.

Description : Speed your way through heavy traffic as you collect money, crash into cars and destroy cones in Red Driver 2! Unlock new challenges and tracks as you complete ea.
Keywords : Heavy games,traffic games,car games,crash games,red driver games,challenge games

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Description: Launch ducklings from your cannon to break down structures and rescue the duck inside the bubble. Similar to Angry Birds.

Description: One morning, Turkey woke up, looked at the calendar hanging on the wall suddenly tears blurred the notes that were coming on Thanks giving (Thanksgiving). On that note will be turned into tasty chicken dishes on the table. Very angry, uncle determined not to let it happen and farmers revenge atrocities. A very funny game but no less bloody if turkeys can fire a multitude of farmers. Turkeys will be equipped with a machine gun, and farmers will attempt to save dan.Trong the game, you will choose to upgrade health, ammunition or pay rate for turkey. Try to you, the following will lose Turkey border disc greasy chicken there. Use A and D keys to move left and right, move your mouse and click left mouse to aim and shoot, space bar to reload.

Description: Evil Red Guy has taken over the Chocoland Factory and has planted bombs on each of the floors! Our hero, Panik, has found a way into the lowest level of the Factory and now has to work his way up through all the floors collecting the bombs

Description: About Fish Hunter 2. Cavemen need to eat, hunt down those fish with your speare.Tell your friends about Fish Hunter 2 or send a personal message using our online messenger! You must be a member for using the personal messenger service.

Description: About City Jumper .See how far you can jump! Great fun, very addictive game.
Tell your friends about City Jumper or send a personal message using our online messenger! You must be a member for using the personal messenger service.

Description: You must extend the claw at the right moment as it swings back and forth over the ground. There are obstacles to overcome and the game isn't as easy as it might look!

Description : Rally Point: play Rally Point game online for free. You are welcome to play 10,000+ free games at

Title: Classroom Fighters
Description: Throw chalk at your teacher and dodge what he throws at you as well. Get chalk from your buddy and throw it at your teacher! Left / Right Arrow Keys - Move Spacebar - Throw Chalk.

Game Information:
- Game controls are right in the game.
- Too slow? To Increase Speed, try turning off the sound of the game. If it's still laggy, right click on the game and choose quality and then choose low.

Description: Can you change all the socks to the same color? Click on a dye color below the pile of socks to change the top left sock - and all similar adjacent socks - to a new color. You have 25 moves to dye the entire pile the same color. It starts out easy, but becomes more and more difficult!
How to play: Click on a dye color below the pile of socks to change the top left sock - and all similar adjacent socks - to a new color. You have 25 moves to dye the entire pile the same color.

Description: Fortress magnus Fly your castle through the skies shooting the attacking airships. Play Fotress Magnus game

How to play : Your task is simple but no less interesting, when you have to do any way, monkeys were able to cheer up and smile, Wish you success.

Mouse: Move Click: Charge telekinetic bomb X: Levitate rock

Description: Is your head how many seconds? With the American pilots are at least 2 minutes! Charity - PLAYER You need to install Adobe Flash Player to use.

Description: Build your own rollercoaster and collect all the coins in the game. Earn thrill coins by making your track more sensational!How to Play: Select your drawing tool at the bottom of the screen. - Use the mouse to draw your rollercoaster. Press "PLAY" to test your track.

Description: In this collecting game you have to use your mouse to collect all the gems with your mouse and within the time limit, click button to drop your 'tower'.

How to play : keys left, right, up, down, S, A.

Description: One game away from the scene are too difficult to do NotDoppler game. You will use the four keys W, A, S, D or arrow keys control the character through a series of deadly traps in the game. Be aware of the dialog in the game by 99% they are trapped.

Game Description: You are Qwop, our small nation's sole Representative at the Olympic games. Use the QWOP keys to move your legs. Ideally you will run 100 meters ... PS our training program was under-funded. This game is very hard. Have Fun!.
Control the game: Use Q, W, O, P to play the game.

Description: Famous Tetris game has been a time into a super browser game challenge. Remains the task of lining up the pieces to create a seamless block of eating breakfast, where difficult terrain of the game lies in the arc discomfort.
Reportedly, the creator of this browser game $ 1 million reward for completing one of his insane game. If you have a passion for jigsaw, try to win a million dollars are light!

Descrription : A challenging intellectual game. You will have control blocks to fill gaps in the road.
How to play: Move the film up, down, left, and it is important to move away from thinking of your box. have fun.

Description : You have to keep your blue star to the first lateral rod does not fall and tilt.
How to play: Play with mouse.

Description : The gameplay is simply use the scroll key to move 4 blocks to the blue point and only one fewer deaths as possible through the kidneys every 30-screen pro.

Description : Play with mouse and you must use the mouse and draw a path and control: keys to move up, down, left and right.

Description : Click on matching pairs of tiles to remove them from the playing area. Remove all the pairs to win. If you reach the point where there are no more free matching pairs to remove, it is game over and you will need to press the F5 key to reset the game and start again.

Description: Pick up and throw cars, smash them, kick cars and release the mighty Hulk's angers on the poor cars!

Description: Play a hulk fighting game where you can kick, jump, block, use power ups and do some more fun stuff with the mighty green Hulk.

Description: Strength is always not enough, you also need to get your timing right to win fights! Use Hulk and use the karate chop to break beams!

Description: How far can Hulk throw a mighty tank? Adjust angle and power and test Hulk's strength.

Description: Use Hulk to jump and reach the skies. Try to hit as many enemies as possible in one jump or try to reach as high as possible by jumping over the enemies.

Description: How good are your visual skills? Can you find all the numbers hidden in this picture of The Hulk?

Description: Click on the red button to get the tiles and then place them in the correct position to get a picture of Wolverine and Hulk fighting.

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